Tunisia: transition to democracy

After a week-mission in Tunisia, four top Experts from the UN Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said in a report that currently it is vital to support the country to the transition to democracy.

In the opinion of experts, to make it possible it is necessary a separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers and to put human rights and dignity at the core of the change.
Tunisia is preparing itself for the new era and the population wish to break with past injustices, the experts said. To restore the dignity of the country, the experts stressed the importance to ensure some fundamental changes, such as: a fully participatory political system, freedom of speech, an end to impunity for abuses, free of expression and association, economical actions to reduce disparities in living standards, etc.
At the same time, “it is vital to restore a relationship between the state and its people based on a rule of law and the respect of human rights first, and the state must works for its people”, they said.
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