September 2019 – Side event “Promoting a Safe and Empowering Environment for All Children and Youth”

June 2018 – Side event “Girls with No Name“

March 2017 – Side event “Youth for Human Rights and the Common Good”

March 2014 – Side event “Youth Empowerment : a human rights perspective”

June 2013 – Side event “Youth Empowerment: Strategies”

July 2012 – Side event “Haiti: two years after the earthquake”

March 2012 – Side event “The right to peace education of Lebanese Children”

September 2011 – Side event “Young volunteers and Human Rights”

June 2011 – Side event “Equality of opportunity in education: special focus on children’s rights”

March 2011 – Side event “The Right to education of children living and/or working in the street”

September 2010 – Side event “The quality education for Indigenous Children in Latin and Central America”

March 2010 – Side event “The Right to Education of girls living in precarious situations in Africa”

October 2009 – Training course in coordination with the Right to education in situations of urgency in Latin America side event”

June 2009 – Side event “Right to education in urgency situations in Latin America”

March 2009 – Side event “Right to education for street children in Latin America and Asia”