An organization committed to the Right to Education

IIMA Human Rights Office: Our Action

The solid and unrelenting work of our Human Rights Defenders working in the field makes IIMA a reliable partner to support the action of the United Nations to implement human rights worldwide.

Pillars of action

1. Advocacy
we provide UN experts and Member States representatives with relevant and reliable information on how human rights are being implemented at the local level, including denunciation of violations. IIMA Human Rights Office carries out this action in close collaboration with local members. Moreover, we provide local human rights defenders, including educators and youth, with the possibility to participate in UN relevant meetings and advocate for their own rights.

2. Training and Capacity Building
we organize training courses, in Geneva and at the local level, to make Human Rights Defenders aware of the UN international mechanisms and procedures intended to protect human rights.

3. Communication
dissemination of information in order to raise awareness on human rights at the national level.

Within the abovementioned pillars of activities, we work in synergy with other NGOs and Institutions in order to bring attention of the international community to the major issues and identify top priorities for the human rights agenda.

In the future we want to continue to

Reinforce links with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Treaty Bodies, the Human Rights Council and the Special Procedures, as well as other NGOs and other Civil Society actors aiming to promote and realize the right to education.

Share best practices and educational strategies concerning children, youth and women.

Promote Human Rights Education in primary and secondary schools, in professional education centers and social centers for young people.

Utilize international protection mechanisms for human rights in favor of all children and youth.

Encourage Governments and Civil Society actors to engage in a constructive dialogue to move the youth rights agenda forward.

To be a “symbol of hope”.