The Human Rights Council holds Special Session on Syria

On April 29, 2011, following the request of 38 member and observer states, the Human Rights Council held the 16th special session to respond to the grave violations of human rights in the Syrian Arabic Republic.

At the end of the session, it has been adopted a draft resolution which condemned the perpetuation of human rights violations in Syria, and decided to create a fact-finding mission to investigate into violations.
The representative of Syria government argued that the draft is not a good way to resolve the situation in the country, and accused the states supporting it of interference in the domestic matters.
As well as the States and the Deputy High Commissioner of Human Rights, Ms. Kyung-wha  Kang, expressed concern on the situation of the country, especially on the use of force against peaceful demonstrators, journalists and human right’s defenders.
On April 26, 2011, the UN Security Council had received a briefing on the serious human right violations in Syria from Lynn Pascoe, Under- Secretary General for Political Affairs.
However the UN body was unable to reach consensus between the 15 member states of the Council. Furthermore, several states were not agreed with the intervention of the Security Council in the crisis, such as Lebanon, Russia, and China, even if they underlined the importance of the international community for a constructive help.
On the contrary, several human rights NGOs asserted the importance of the UN Security Council for the solution of the Syrian Arabic Republic crises, asking to refer the situation to the International Criminal Court. 
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