The Secretary-General meets Aung San Suu Kyi

On the 1st of
May, the Secretary-General met the leader of the opposing party in Myanmar, Ms.
Aung San Suu Kyi, for the first time at her house in Yangon. Mr. Ban-Ki Moon
thanked her for her commitment and perseverance towards democracy, development
and human rights, affirming that she  has
been “a symbol of hope for human rights for all, all around the world.” 
April, Myanmar citizens headed to the polls to vote for representatives of the
Parliament, with Ms. Suu Kyi winning a position in the Lower House of
Parliament. These elections were part of a series of democratic reforms started
by President Thein Sein last year. The Secretary- General congratulated Ms. Suu
Kyi on her recent election and on her decision to take the oath and become a
parliamentarian. Moreover, he added that “the decisions made by political
leaders in the months and years ahead will form the future of the country for
the generations to come. This process takes courage, perseverance, wisdom,
flexibility and a willingness to compromise. As you move towards
democratization, you need a reconciliation between all peoples of Myanmar”.
During his three-day visit to Myanmar, Mr. Ban-Ki Moon also met with a number
of government officials, including President Sein. Moreover, he addressed
Myanmar’s Parliament – the first time ever by an outside guest – and presented
a four-point action agenda  to implement the country’s national reconciliation and  democratic transition. The UN chief also met
with company leaders, announcing the launch of the UN Global Compact’s Myanmar
network, an initiative that tries to create forms of cooperation between the
private sector,  civil society and the
government. Before leaving Myanmar, Mr. Ban-Ki Moon said that he was departing
with a sense of hope and expectation of 
a better future for the country.