President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano at the 101st International Labour Conference

On the 13th of June Mr G. Napolitano,
the Italian President, addressed the 101st International Labour Conference. He
expressed great concern regarding widespread unemployment in Europe and around
the world, particularly among the youth, and recalled  – through the words of the economist Federico
Caffé – that labour is not only a means of production, but a primary end in
itself. As such, States should consider it as a priority in public policies.

The Italian President
emphasised that, within the EU, leaders had started to talk about the
importance of stimulating growth, along with fiscal consolidation policies, as
the key to overcoming the economic crisis. He specified that sustainable development is a necessity
for all States. In his opinion, it is therefore necessary to found economic
growth on common goals: full employment and social protection. In this way Mr
Napolitano underlined the fundamental role played by the International Labour
Organization (ILO) in establishing a common horizon for all Member States,
leading them towards a sustainable growth which respects the founding principles
and values of the European Union and United Nations, respect for the dignity of
all human beings.