UN Launches website in memory of the victims of slavery and the transatlantic slave trade

The United Nations recently launched a website to serve as a permanent memorial honouring the victims of slavery and the transatlantic slave trade.  

General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon, stated that “The memorial will acknowledge the crimes and atrocities perpetrated over the course of four centuries, when millions of Africans were violently removed from their homelands, ruthlessly abused and robbed of their dignity. The legacy lives on today in the families and countries that were affected. The memorial will also remind the world of the bravery of those slaves, abolitionists and unsung heroes who managed to rise up against an oppressive system and end the practice”.
The new website will be an instrument to raise awareness of our mistakes made during the past and will serve as a call to action against contemporary manifestations of slavery such as serfdom, debt bondage and forced and bonded labour; trafficking in women and children, domestic slavery and forced prostitution, including children; sexual slavery, forced marriage and the sale of wives and child labour and child servitude, among others.
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