Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women considers the report of Togo

The U.N. Committee on the
Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) discussed the
situation of women in Togo during its fifty-third session (1 – 19 October 2012).

During the discussion
with the national delegation of Togo, the Committee pointed out controversial
subjects such as polygamy, the
low rate of women’s political participation, early marriage, early pregnancy, the
situation of women in rural area and women with disabilities. The delegation of Togo
emphasized the efforts made by the government to promote the rights of women,
including the adoption of a new legislation related to quotas for women’s
participation in the field of agriculture and in security forces, as well as
the improvement of health and education policies targeting women’s problems. It
also asked the Committee for support and assistance.

In particular, the
Committee was concerned about the insufficient reforms undertaken in Togo,
especially with regard to Constitutional and legislative changes at the
domestic level and the ratification of the Optional Protocol to CEDAW at the
international level. Moreover, the Committee pointed out that despite the
adoption of the new Family Code, discriminatory measures such as legality of
polygamy and customary rights still persist.
Togo delegation replied
that national consensus is required for Constitutional and legislative changes.
They insisted on the efforts made by the Government to bring a change in public
conception of women’s rights in order to justify a Constitutional and legislative
In conclusion, Ms.
Zonvide, Minister for the Promotion of Women, gratefully acknowledged the excellent
organization of the meeting and welcomed the numerous recommendations on women’s