1993-2013 : 20 Years working for your Rights

Today, December, 5, we celebrate the Human Rights Day
2013, as a conclusion of a year-long commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, that was established in 1993, after the World Conference on Human Rights in
Vienna, to represent the world’s commitment to
universal ideals of human dignity.
The event, held in Palais des Nations in Geneva, highlighted that
the promotion and protection of human rights is a
matter of priority for the international community, recalling the key message of
the Vienna Declaration: “all human rights derive from the dignity and worth
inherent in the human person, and that the human person is the central subject
of human rights and fundamental freedoms”.

The event featured a series of debates on a variety of
human rights issues, including: protecting space for human rights defenders,
bridging the equality gap, human rights and the free flow of information,
building a vision for an effective human rights system.
In their opening remarks, the High Commissioner Ms. Navy
Pillay and Mr. Henczel, President of the Human Rights Council, stressed the role
of the human rights as roots of the human dignity. A strong voice is needed to
denounce injustices, because the respect of all human rights without
discriminations and exclusions is the conditio
sine qua non
for building a democratic society.
What the Human Rights mechanisms
have done so far will enable people to face future challenges in the
implementation of their rights.
Navy Pillay stated: “We have much to celebrate in terms of achievements,
but still much to fight for. We can and we must do better”. Promoting and
mobilizing is the key to build bridges, to tell about reality, to make all the
people enjoying their rights.
No formal speeches today, no statements and no points of order. Today is
the day of dialogue, celebration and awareness. We wish to the OHCHR, made up
of officers, but more importantly of men and women, to continue in their