The Palestine President speaks to the Human Rights Council

On October 28, 2015 the office assisted to the speech of Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine, at Palais de Nations during a special session of the Human Rights Council. The speech was carried out two weeks after the Palestinian flag was raised at the United Nations in Geneva.
Mr. Abbas took the opportunity to thank the members of the Council for all their efforts to defend Palestine’s human rights and for the adoption of important resolutions that unveil the systematic violations of human rights in the occupied territories, the longest occupation in modern times.
For 70 years, Palestinians have been suffering the horrors committed against them by Israel and they are tired of Israel’s bloodshed. The President said, they will spare no efforts to protect, defend, and enable the Palestinian people to live in peace in their own land. Peace is still within reach and Palestine is stretching out for it.
He pleaded the Council to help Palestine and avoid pushing its people into further desperation, because there is nothing worse than despair and distrust of the present and the future. He asked the Council to be brethren to Palestine and let justice, peace and harmony prevail in its land; to allow children to dream of a life without violence and the young to have an education and a future to look forward to.o.