The 29th Session of the Human Rights Council Begins Next Week

IIMA and VIDES will be attending the 29th session of the Human
Rights Council starting next week. It meets three times a year, in March, June,
and September, and is an
inter-governmental body within the United Nations system responsible for
strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and
for addressing situations of human rights violations and make recommendations
on them. It has the ability to discuss all thematic human rights issues and
situations that require its attention throughout the year.The Council is made
up of 47 United Nations Member States which are elected by the UN General

This session, the Council will meet for three weeks, and will
address several special topics such as panels on the Equal Enjoyment of the
Right to Education by Every Girl, a Discussion on the Human Rights of Women,
and another on the Effects of Terrorism on the Enjoyment by all Persons of Human
Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. The Council will also discuss updates on the
situations in Syria and Gaza, the results from the Working Group on the Rightto Peace, and the UPR outcomes for countries under review before the previous Council session.

IIMA and VIDES have requested the opportunity to present oral
statements during the Panel on Realizing the Equal Enjoyment of the Right to
Education by Every Girl, during the Item 6 UPR outcomes for Spain, and during
the Item 8 General Debate on Youth Empowerment.

For more information about the Human Rights Council, click here.