Salesian sisters visited the IIMA Human Rights Office

 On 15 April 2011, a group of 36 Salesian sisters coming from India, Australia, USA, UK, Ireland Rwanda , Sudan and Zambia visited the IIMA Human Rights Office in Geneva.
The goal of the meeting was to present the mission and activities of the office and to remember the possible areas for collaboration. 
After a brief presentation of each participant, the young professionals of the Office, Lory and Maria with the help of all interns, presented the historical background of the IIMA Human Rights Office. In particular, they remembered that the Office, inaugurated in 2007, is the answer to the Chapters XX, XXI and XXII where the General Council of the Salesian Sisters prioritized the necessity to be present at the United Nations, where the educational policy are decided, and manifested the willingness to defend and promote human rights for all, especially the most vulnerable.

Furthermore, some focal activities, like advocacy, training, reporting and networking carried out by the Office were briefly presented.

The main message that Sr MariaGrazia’s collaborators tried to transmit to all visiting sisters was the importance of collaboration with the Office. In fact, they strongly underlined the impossibility to have a real impact on the UN policy without the information and support that only sisters working on the ground can provide.