Raising Awareness on Youth as Environmental Defenders

(Regunathapuram-India) On March 12, 2022, IIMA members in India, and in particular the Auxilium College of Education in Regunathapuram, organized an International Seminar on “The Role of Youth in Safeguarding Mother Earth”, which was attended by 500 people, including students, professors and educators, in the framework of the Institutes of Higher Learning of Asia and Africa.

There were important references on: 1. How environmental degradation occurs. 2. The impact of human activities on the environment, climate change and global warming. 3. Strategies to stop the deterioration of the environment: the use of natural sources of energy and the role of the Catholic Church to preserve the environment.

Several young people actively participated in the seminar, expressing innovative ideas and proposing concrete actions to safeguard our planet.

IIMA firmly believes in youth empowerment as the best strategy to make a decisive difference in the fight against climate change.