IIMA and VIDES International give voice to young people at the United Nations in Geneva.

During the week
of 17-22 September, at the XXI Session of the Human Rights Council,  the International Institute of the Daughters
of Maria Ausiliatrice (Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco) and VIDES International
presented four oral statements during the discussion of item 6 related to the
adoption of the Universal Periodic Revsion (UPR) reports on Ecuador, Brazil,
Poland and South Africa. 

In a general
vision of youth envolvement and effective participation in the activities
carried out by IIMA and VIDES International, four young people from Mexico,
Republic of Korea and Italy, took the floor before  the Council as spokesmen of the two
organizations, driving the attention of the audience to some issues not yet
sorted out in the countries under examination, recommending those Governments
about implementantion of human rights and protection of the most vulnerable
groups, among which are migrants, women and children. 
 By oral
statements, IIMA and VIDES have also raised the issue of the right to
education, of whom many  children are
deprived, especially those belonging to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable

 Finally, the
young spokesperson of IIMA and VIDES, urged the Governments of those countries
to guarantee the access to education for all the segments of the population and
implement their national legislations in order to ensure free education to the poorest
and most marginalized.

 The full version
of the oral statements by the young spokesmen of IIMA and VIDES International,
is available by clicking on the links listed below.
Intervento di
Sung Eun Kim sulla Poloniahttp://webtv.un.org/search/iima-item:6-poland-upr-report-consideration-24th-meeting-human-rights-council/1852739107001?term=IIMA