Ban ki-moon encourage the human rights council to act in a constructive and fair way

Last January 25, United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, requested to the Human Rights Council in Geneva to adopt a constructive, fair and objective attitude. Moreover Ban Ki-moon added that solving the problem of human rights is only the first step towards development.

Ban Ki-moon congratulated for the effectiveness of the Special Procedures. Thanks to these procedures, the experts, mandate holders, can verify the situations concerning the human rights violation meetings on the ground with politicians and Civil Society representatives.
The General Secretary also said that if the Council wants to achieve its original goals, should guarantee fairness and equality among States. In fact, the Council “cannot be lead by prejudices and special interests”, neither can permit there are “some prevailing States and other not considered ones”.
Besides, the independent experts and some speakers nominated by the Council cannot be hampered to accomplish their mission, because this could damage the credibility of the Council itself and the UN.
Finally, the Secretary General restated the need to do not have a selective approach promoting human rights because, as he affirmed “we must defend all human rights with the same strength, whether they are civil, cultural, economic or political ones.
Ban Ki-Moon ended his statement reminding the spirit of the Council “ All peoples, all countries, all rights”.