UN Secretary General’s message for the International Day of Families

Ki-moon declares support for families in need of work

On the 15th of May, the International Day of Families, Ban Ki-moon, secretary general of the united nations, issued a statement highlighting the need for decent work for families. He emphasised the growing importance of
work-family policies, drawing attention to the need to help workers meet the
emotional and financial needs of their families. “Millions of people around the
world lack decent working conditions and the social support to care for their
families. Affordable quality childcare is rarely available in developing
countries, where many parents are forced to leave their preschool children home
alone. Many young children are also left in the care of older siblings who, in
turn, are pulled from school.”
He also
underscored the fact that paternity leave provisions are still rare in the
majority of developing countries.
His remarks illustrate the need for a sound work-family balance, reached through the provision of flexible working arrangements, family-friendly workplaces
and childcare.