Rio+20: fears and concerns

“Simply put, participatory, accountable, non-discriminatory and empowering development is more effective, more just and ultimately more sustainable.” On June 12th, 2012, prior the UN Rio +20
Conference on sustainable development, The United Nations High Commissioner for
Human Rights, Ms Navi Pillay, stated that sustainable development would not be
possible without taking into account human rights.

She asserted that
“strategies based on the narrow pursuit of economic growth without due regard
for equity and related environmental, social and human right considerations,
will both fail in their economic objectives, and risk damaging the planet and
the fundamental rights of people.” 
“In recent years,
people have taken to the streets in every region of the world, passionately
demanding their fundamental human rights – in many instances at great personal
risk. For Rio+20 to be successful, its outcome must ensure that explicit human
rights safeguards are in place.”

More than 100 Heads
of state will attend the Rio +20 which takes place next week.  Ms Pillay has expressed concern that the draft
outcome for the conference do not go far enough to incorporate human rights into
the reform agenda. It is her opinion that failure to rectify this mistake may
prevent the realisation of the agendas tenets and that World Leaders must pay
more attention to Human Rights.