Report to the General Assembly “We The Peoples”

On 21 September, 2011, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon presented a report titled “We The Peoples” focused on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the future role of the United Nations. The South Korean diplomat focused on five generational opportunities that he defined as “imperative” actions to be taken in changing the future world. The UN Secretary-General indicated sustainable development as the priority  of the 21st century. He remarked on the importance of increased efforts dealing with climate change, food security and water scarcity. A second great opportunity for change raised by Ban Ki-Moon’s statement was prevention. The need to Prevent conflicts, disasters and environmental resources through strategic mediation and confrontation. As the UN Secretary General stated, what happened in Fukushima suggests to us those environmental disasters “do not respect national borders”. He highlighted the imminent need to apply a strong preventive campaign against environmental catastrophes.
The third imperative action called for is the construction of an increasing secure world, that is the primary responsibility of the United Nations. The UN has to strive to save lives and to contribute to the peace maintaining despite difficult conditions through cooperation and full support of international actors and local governments.Especially after the dramatic events of this year in North Africa and Middle East the fourth pressing call to action is support of countries in transition. . Ban Ki-moon stated that after many warnings went unheard, the time to act in Syria has come. The hope of the Secretary General is to make the Arab Spring a season of hope for all, with a big commitment to facilitate the process for a new government and a new legal order in line with aspirations of the  North African populations. The fifth and the last opportunity for change is addresses the situation of women and youth. The Secretary General pointed out that women are the greatest resource of the world and they represent a large part of the unrealized world-potential. He remarked the significant presence of female leaders at the United Nations and the important roles they cover at international level. The UN, he added, will continue to promote women’s presence at all levels of the organization. Finally, Ban Ki-moon called governments who “have traditionally borne the lion’s share of the costs to not flag in their generosity” and invest in these 5 generational opportunities.