Presentation of the Italian candidate for the Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Woman

24th May IIMA and VIDES Human Rights Office’s team attended the
reception by the Permanent Mission of Italy to the Office of the United Nations
and other International Organizations in Geneva for the presentation of Ms.
Bianca Pomeranzi, Italian candidate to the Committee on the Elimination of
Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

Ms. Pomeranzi has devoted her life to
women’s rights protection and promotion both at national and international
level. She was co-founder of the Italian Association Women for Development
(AIDOS) and Advisor for Equal Opportunities of the Italian Government and of
the Italian Delegation at UN. She is currently Senior Advisor on Gender and
Development at the General Directorate for Development Cooperation (Italian
Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Member of the EU gender experts and, since 2008,
Member of the Italian Committee on Human Rights (CIDU).