The new Salesian school in Veyrier, Switzerland, opens its doors. ‘’We will be all brothers and sisters, nobody will feel isolated in this family’’

On Monday August 29, the Salesian primary school in Veyrier commenced the school year as the students excitedly rushed through the hallways exploring their newly constructed classrooms. The school boasts a contemporary-natural design with windows open for a view of the Salève mountain and the surrounding community. The first stone for the site was placed in April 2010 and the construction continued tirelessly to finish the school, just in time for the first day of school.Parents present for the inauguration also surveyed amenities the new building offers and listened to inaugural speeches of the School Director Sr Josephine Puggioni and the Pedagogic Director Ms. Catherine De Noyelle.

After the introduction to the school the proud students were released to their classes with the big wish from teachers and parents to spend an intense and productive school year in the new school. Sr Josephine welcomed all, commented on the environment of the new school and stressed how everyone should contribute to the familial atmosphere. ‘’We will all be brothers and sisters; nobody will feel isolated in this family,’’ emphasized Sr Josephine. Ms De Noyelle explained the importance of students to respect others while always being prudent with one’s actions around the new school.