The meeting between IIMA Human Rights Office and the Special Rapporteur on Haiti

On June 17th 2011, a meeting between the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Haiti and some members of the IIMA Human Rights Office was held at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The purpose of the meeting was to share a moment of reflection on the real situation and the progress in reconstruction in Haiti, as well as to assess new potential possibilities of collaboration, especially aimed to facilitate FMAs working in the country.
At the beginning, Sr. MariaGrazia thanked Mr. Forst for the objective and exhaustive presentation of his annual report at the Human Rights Council on June 16th, 2011.
Then, Michel Forst gave a short synthesis of his last visit in Haiti, which took place last April. During this visit he had the opportunity to meet members of the Government and of the United Nations, with whom he discussed the four phases of the Haitian reconstruction: the human rights based approach, the rule of law, the justice reform and the fight against impunity.
Michel Forst reminded the meeting he had with the Salesian community in Port-au-Prince last year. He thanked both for the work made, and for the quickness of the Institute to rebuild buildings and ensure all activities carried out before the earthquake.
Finally, he recalled that in two weeks (June 27-July 1rst, 2011) there will be held in Geneva the annual meeting of the Special Procedures. In that occasion he will meet the Special Rapporteurs on the right to education, to water and to food security, in order to plan a common strategy for the Haitian reconstruction based on the respect of human rights.