General Assembly President Closes a “Historic” Annual Debate

On 27 September 2011 the President of General Assembly, Mr. Nassir Abdul-aziz Al Nasser, closed the UN annual debate indentifying it as historic and unforgettable.Many steps have been taken on the road to transparency, justice and human rights. According to Al Nasser, government leaders have raised awareness of the fundamental role played by the international community in the ongoing process to build a better world.
Al Nasser emphasized the mature role assumed by the international community  as it reached a shared consensus in condemning the Libyan bloody repression. He took advantage of this topic to welcome all the new leaders in the hall, referring to the representatives of Libya and South Sudan, wishing them a shiny future of democracy and equality in human rights. 

Al Nasser also recalled the historic moment for Palestine, having submitted an application to the Secretary-General for admission to the United Nations. He remarked how urgent and important is to reach a truce and a shared and just epilogue for the Israeli-Arab conflict which has been the cause of violence, victims and discrimination. Al Nasser expressed his hope and desire for the two countries living in peace side by side while the UN leads a crucial role in the path to coexistence.