“Financing of the UN Development System – Current Trends and New Directions”-

On May 30th it took place the NGO Briefing where the Dag Hammarskjold
Foundation and the Multi Partner Trust Fund Office presented their second
annual Report:   « Financing of the UN Development System –
Current Trends and New Directions
. », looking at the implications
of Agenda 2030 for the financing of the UNDS.  

It provides a detailed overview of UNDS resources, amounting to $48,6
billion in 2014 and it identifies a variety of essays -still  under discussion- that will be high on the UN
financing agenda over the coming years, such as : the different
sources of finance and funding mechanism ; the innovative trends and the
emerging challenges in UN financing for the Sustainable Development Goals or
for sustaining peace ; or the  new 
type of funding like the « polled financing ».
This report aim to stimulate the creation of more innovative approach to
financing, especially because changing financial flows, linked to the
expectations based on the UN development system of the 2030 Agenda for
Sustainable Development requires a new funding mechanism that will achieve the
17 SDGs.