15th May: International Day of Family

Today we want to propose to you the Message of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for the International Day of Family 2013:  

“Families hold societies together, and intergenerational relationships
extend this legacy over time.  This year’s International Day of Families
is an occasion to celebrate connections among all members of the constellation
that makes up a family.  It is also an opportunity to reflect on how they
are affected by social and economic trends – and what we can do to strengthen
families in response.
Unemployment is forcing many young people, often eager for independence,
to rely on their parents longer than they would have hoped.  The lack of
affordable and quality childcare is complicating efforts by parents in
dual-earner families to combine their work and home obligations.
 Inadequate pensions and care for older persons demands more attention as
we succeed in our goal of extending lives.

These challenges make family support more important than ever – for the
young person seeking a job while living with their parents, for the grandparent
who relies on their children for shelter and care, and for the many members of
extended families who take on childcare responsibilities.
Around the world, family members are doing their part.  They
deserve support from policy-makers and decision-makers, from public institutions
and private businesses.
There is a growing recognition around
the world that we need to strengthen policies promoting intergenerational
solidarity and support intergenerational programmes and initiatives.
 Evidence shows that adequate pensions and caregiver support help not only
older persons but whole families.  Intergenerational programmes promoting
volunteering among the young and old benefit all generations.
 Opportunities for people of all ages to bond revitalize whole
Intergenerational initiatives also address global development
priorities.  They counteract inequality and exclusion, encourage
active citizenship and even improve public infrastructure through
community-based projects.

On this International Day
of Families, I call on governments, civil society, families and individuals to
support initiatives that bring people together across generations toward
building a healthier world for all.”